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Music from Anatolia and Mesopotamia, Avantgarde, bel canto, traditional folk song- what singer-songwriter Mehmet Akbaş brings to the stage cannot be reduced to a formula. Mehmet Akbas has found his very own way through Kurdish music: He sings in the local languages Zazaki, Kurmanci, Sorani and Kelhori, as well as in Farsi/Dari, Turkish, Arabic or Armenian - and the languages also indicate the diverse sources of his music. Through his significant ability to improvise and his alterable voice, he is able to combine completely different poles of his music: For example, he combines traditional and modern singing techniques with operatic bel canto style. Western and Eastern elements, folk songs and elements from electronica, ambient, jazz, house or rock and pop do not contradict each other in his music, but enrich and feed each other musically.  2003-2004 ITM Akademi, Vocal Techniques, Istanbul, (on Scholarship) 2001-2003 Akademi Istanbul, Vocal Techniques (on Scholarship) 1994-1996 Afyon Kocatepe University, Construction Technician  2021 Single, Ekin idim oldum harman, Kalan Music, Turkey 2019 Single, Setero with Ahmet Aslan, Kalan Music, Turkey 2012 Double Album P!A, Kalan Music, Turkey 2011 EP NİO, Mehmet Akbas Music, Germany 2001 as band, Vengê Sodirî Wayîr, Kom Music, Turkey

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